Step by step guide


Setup Basic Iptables Firewall on Centos 6 Web Server

Install Linux Httpd MariaDB PHP on CentOS 6

Create mySQL User Grant PRIVILEGES to Database

Import Export MySQL Dumpfile MySQL Server on Terminal

Enable gzip compression Apache Nginx for faster web speed

Enable Keep Alive for faster web speed Apache and Nginx

Enable apache mod_rewrite for seo user friendly url CentOS 6

Set up Postfix Gmail SMTP Relay on CentOS 6

How to zip unzip file folder on CentOS terminal


HTTP/2 SSL PHP7 MariaDB on Debian 9

Set up iptables On Debian 8 Debian 9

Setup Fail2ban on Debian 9

Set up Iptables On Debian 7

Install Apache Mysql Php on Debian 7

Enable mod_rewrite Apache2 on Debian 7

Postfix SMTP Relay Gmail Debian 7

Debian 8 Install Apache MySQL php5

Install Nginx, MySQL, PHP LEMP Stack on Debian 8


Install SSL Certificate Apache Debian 7