Enable vim cut paste Debian 9


Enable vim cut paste Debian 9 with preferable global solution for all users, which loads the default options and then adds or overwrites the defaults with the personal settings.

Luckily there is an option for that in Debian: The /etc/vim/vimrc.local will be loaded after the /etc/vim/vimrc. So you can create this file and load defaults, preventing them from being loaded again (at the end) and then add your personal options:

Please create the following file: /etc/vim/vimrc.local and paste the code

#nano /etc/vim/vimrc.local
" This file loads the default vim options at the beginning and prevents
" that they are being loaded again later. All other options that will be set,
" are added, or overwrite the default settings. Add as many options as you
" whish at the end of this file.

" Load the defaults
source $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim

" Prevent the defaults from being loaded again later, if the user doesn't
" have a local vimrc (~/.vimrc)
let skip_defaults_vim = 1
" Set more options (overwrites settings from /usr/share/vim/vim80/defaults.vim)
" Add as many options as you whish

" Set the mouse mode to 'r'
if has('mouse')
set mouse=r

" Toggle paste/nopaste automatically when copy/paste with right click in insert mode:
let &t_SI .= "\<Esc>[?2004h"
let &t_EI .= "\<Esc>[?2004l"

inoremap <special> <expr> <Esc>[200~ XTermPasteBegin()

function! XTermPasteBegin()
set pastetoggle=<Esc>[201~
set paste
return ""

Source: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/318824/vim-cutpaste-not-working-in-stretch-debian-9

Debian 9 10 with old PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.6, 5.7 or 8.0 and Apache2

Debian 9 with old PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.6, 5.7 or 8.0 and Apache2

Run below commands to upgrade the current packages to the latest version

#apt update
#apt upgrade

Install the Apache2 package

#apt install apache2

Execute the following commands to install the required packages first on your system. Then import packages signing key. After that configure PPA for the PHP packages on your system.

#apt install apt-transport-https lsb-release ca-certificates
#wget -O /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/php.gpg https://packages.sury.org/php/apt.gpg
#echo "deb https://packages.sury.org/php/ $(lsb_release -sc) main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Installing PHP 5.6

Execute the following commands for installing PHP 5.6 on your Debian 9 Stretch system.

#apt update
#apt install php5.6
#/usr/sbin/a2enmod php5.6

#/usr/sbin/a2enmod php5.6
Considering dependency mpm_prefork for php5.6:
Considering conflict mpm_event for mpm_prefork:
Considering conflict mpm_worker for mpm_prefork:
Module mpm_prefork already enabled
Considering conflict php5 for php5.6:
Module php5.6 already enabled

Optional: Install PHP MOD for PHP Mysql and GD

#apt-get install php5.6-mysql php5.6-gd

OPTIONAL: Install completed php modules.

#apt install libmcrypt-dev libreadline-dev mcrypt php-pear
#apt install php5.6{cli,common,fpm,bcmath,mysql,curl,gd,imagick,intl,mbstring,xmlrpc,xsl,dev,zip,soap,xml}

Optional: Install PHP FPM

#apt-get install php5.6-fpm

Creating config file /etc/php/5.6/fpm/php.ini with new version
NOTICE: Not enabling PHP 5.6 FPM by default.
NOTICE: To enable PHP 5.6 FPM in Apache2 do:
NOTICE: a2enmod proxy_fcgi setenvif
NOTICE: a2enconf php5.6-fpm

#/usr/sbin/a2enmod proxy_fcgi setenvif
#/usr/sbin/a2enconf php5.6-fpm

Install MYSQL Version 5.6, 5.7 or 8.0, better 5.7 or 8.0

#apt -y install wget
#wget https://repo.mysql.com//mysql-apt-config_0.8.13-1_all.deb
#dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.8.13-1_all.deb

During the installation the system will prompt to select MySQL version. Choose which MySQL version, 5.6, 5.7 or 8.0 available to choose then OK

#apt update
#apt -y install mysql-server

Finish up by running the MySQL secure_installation


Test php working or not

Create new php file at /var/www/html

#vim info.php


<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Open browser http://localhost/info.php

Enable and load mod_rewrite Apache2 on Debian 8

#a2enmod rewrite

Then open and edit /etc/apache2/apache2.conf find

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All
Require all granted

Replace “AllowOverride None” to “AllowOverride all”

Enable Apache2 mod_headers & mod_expires on

To increase PageSpeed: Leverage browser caching.

enable mod_headers:

#a2enmod headers

enable mod_expires:

#a2enmod expires

Then restart Apache server to make these changes effective

#service apache2 restart